Since 2010

The studio Claudio Fusina and Partners is based in Via del Carmine 11, in the city of Milan, nerve centre of financial, commercial and cultural activities.

Founded in 2010 as a wish fulfilment of young architect Claudio Fusina, the practice is now an established reality. Since then he has seen his team growing with satisfaction and has completed more and more ambitious projects, not only in Milan or Italy, but all over the world.

To collaborate with architect Fusina there are Gustavo Minosso, graduated in architecture in Sao Paulo and Arch. Mauro Colombo.

The studio deals with the interior design of private homes, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, but the highlight is undoubtedly the realisation of retail stores.

With great attention to detail, careful analysis of the geometry and the use of finest materials, every solution bearing Fusina’s signature is unique and original: a true temple of good genuine Italian taste.